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Instead of worrying, schedule an appointment with My Health Options for free testing and treatment. Amount 5.

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These include: contraception, emergency contraception, antenatal and post-natal services, and post-abortion care. FHOK has a substantial support base in the community, with thousands of my health options giving their time to promote and deliver services and education on my health options aspects of SRH, myy hundreds of members of the Youth Action Movement. Http:// volunteers back a team of professional staff and health personnel. FHOK is implementing a number of innovative projects, include optiions initiative that is forging links with hfalth my health options to enable people living with HIV and AIDS to develop businesses and financial independence. Peer educators present and facilitate lectures, group discussions, film shows, talks and theatre performances, and provide one-to-one counselling for young people on sexuality, relationships, prevention of unwanted pregnancy, contraceptives, drug abuse and unsafe abortion. Family Health Options Kenya.

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