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Any closet circus fans out there … who aren't afraid of heights? Flying trapeze class, believe it or not, is a great workout for those seeking best things you can eat adrenaline rush fun workouts to lose weight some upper body strength training.

Trust your fellow aerialist to catch you best healthy lifestyle you're on your way to toned biceps. Dance Dance Revolution, a video game available for various gaming consoles, is the new fitness revolution. Follow choreographed moves on a dance mat to the beat of catchy dance tunes to earn points.

Burn calories, and before you know it, you'll be at the next level and a DDR pro. Capoeira is a Brazilian art form порекомендовать best celebrity weight loss говориться combines martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music. With deep roots in African and Brazilian history, this is not your average workout.

Be ready жмите try complex moves with high kicks, punches and non-stop moving and shaking. Add kettlebells to your cardio workout. It's a great way to up the ante of your monotonous cardio routine. This double-whammy workout is a full body strength training and cardio exercise.

Your friends may be asking how you got your physique after a few sessions at Physique 57an interval training class comprised of cardiovascular exercises, strength training and stretches to give you a long, lean body. If you're tired of your standard workout routine, mix it up and try a more adventurous sport like indoor rock climbing.

Take a break from the elliptical or treadmill at больше информации gym and hit the rock wall. Sometimes a change of scenery and pace is all you need to get back on the exercise wagon. Masala means "spicy" in Hindi, and Bhangra is a traditional Indian folk dance. So, why not spice up your workout routine with Masala Bhangra?

It'll keep you moving to popular Bollywood fun workouts to lose weight with traditional Bhangra dance steps. Get started with the DVD. You can't watch a Bollywood film without wanting to get up and dance, which is why Masala Bhangra is the perfect dance workout! AntiGravity Yoga, or what we like to call acrobatics for the average person, is a unique workout that combines yoga practices with aerial moves to help with compressed joints and align the body.

Take traditional kickboxing moves and combine it with fast-paced movement and upbeat music and you've got cardio kickboxing. Get a kick-butt body with this high-intensity workout. Cardiovascular fitness has never been so empowering. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Take a tip from Mohammed Ali and try boxing.

Okay, maybe you're not ready for Raging Bull just yet, but cardio boxing or boxing classes are great high-impact workouts to burn calories, improve coordination, build muscle, and enhance speed and agility. Plus, traditional boxing techniques could come in handy if you were to fun workouts to lose weight need them.

Diet chart for blood sugar patient Swan got you curious about ballet? While you may ссылка be at Mikhael Baryshnikov's level quite yet, ballet-inspired workout classes can help you get that ballerina body. Ballet barre work, floor exercises and stretches will help with posture, balance, strength and agility.

This low-impact class can provide high-impact results. Who doesn't love Ultimate? The only better thing than group sports is sports with friends, so grab some buddies and hit the park for a competitive game to break a sweat and work off lunch. Unleash your inner wild child and tone your body at the same time. Pole dancing workouts or "striptease" workouts are fun ways for women to let loose a little without quitting their нажмите для продолжения jobs quite yet to become exotic dancers.

Pole tricks work the entire body by strengthening the arms, abs and legs. And, who doesn't like feeling sensual and sexy взято отсюда once in a while? Jumping rope is not just for kids! It's actually a great fun workouts to lose weight exercise that really burns calories.

Depending on your intensity, you can burn up to 20 calories per minute just from jumping rope. Why not relive your Double Fun workouts to lose weight days and pick up a rope today? This workout is not only efficient; it's budget-friendly. If the intensity of boxing is not for you, Tai Chi might be. Tai Chi is fun workouts to lose weight centuries-old Chinese practice that connects the mind and body through slow, controlled, fluid movements and meditation.

This traditional workout increases strength, improves coordination and even lowers stress and blood pressure. So if you're more of a lover than a fighter, try this low-impact workout with powerful results. Urban rebounding is a unique, low-impact cardiovascular workout using a trampoline. It's easy on the joints, but fun workouts to lose weight also sure to make you sweat.

If you prefer not to invest in your own trampoline and the DVD setFun workouts to lose weight Rebounding is offered at various gym nationwide. Bounce, bounce around. The bosu ball is a piece of equipment used in many cardio workout classes. This half bouncy ball can be used in place of a step platform to приведу ссылку intensity to any aerobic exercise.

You can use the Bosu both flat side or ball side up to improve balance and core strength. If you're bored of your usual workout and ready for a challenge, give indoor cycling a try. The energized atmosphere will make you feel like страница cycling through a disco.

With an instructor, or DJ, fun workouts to lose weight the high-energy class, you'll burn maximum calories on a stationary bike personalized to your liking in resistance and comfort. Plus, don't forget how amazing your legs will look after a few of these indoor cycling sessions.

A step platform is used in many aerobic workout classes. Exercises with a step platform simulate walking at an incline, such as climbing stairs. It's a great way to enhance any cardio workout to tone your rear. No one said getting a cute butt has to be hard. Barre exercises are performed by dancers as a warm-up technique. The barre can be used as a great tool to stretch out your legs and warm up your muscles, but also strengthen your body.

The fun workouts to lose weight barre can be found in gyms and dance studios—it's a great balancing support tool. The Bar Method offers classes across the country. Visit their site to find studio locations near you or order one of their DVDs. An exercise ball or stability ball is an inflated vinyl ball used in a multitude of ways.

From mountain climbers to Pilates to wall sits, the exercise ball helps to strengthen the body and improve core stability and balance. Plus, sitting on an exercise ball can help with posture and performing crunches on an exercise ball strengthens abs by challenging your body differently than if you were to do sit-ups on a mat. So, should we just call it a miracle ball?

It does it all. Once upon a time, yoga and Pilates got married and had a workout child named Yogilates, a balanced blend of yoga and Pilates techniques. This hybrid workout involves mat exercises and yoga postures that work the muscles, but also helps one become more aware of one's body. Is Step Up your guilty pleasure? Then a hip-hop dance workout might be the exercise for you.

The fast-paced, choreographed routines will make you sweat and burn calories without even feeling like you're working out. Think of it as a Friday night dance off at your favorite nightclub; but unlike a night out, you'll feel great the next morning. How do surfers get those long, lean bodies? It's the way the body is worked when surfing, training their bodies to use strength, coordination and balance.

While we all can't hit fun workouts to lose weight waves regularly, indoboarding is a great way to simulate the surfing experience to get that surfer body. An indo board is simply a plank set on a cylinder that allows the body to pivot back and forth. Try using an indo board to train your body to be in control.

First comes the body, then comes the surfer tan. Total body conditioning is just that, a method to condition the body to increase stamina, endurance and flexibility. It usually involves equipment, such as weights, body bars, resistance bands and more. Total body conditioning classes are offered at most gyms and are worth it to have instructors guiding you through strength exercises that many people do incorrectly.

Need that extra kick in the caboose to get in shape? Try enrolling in a boot camp session in your area. With the style and intensity of a personal training session, but the support and group setting of a fitness class, boot camp will surely do the job, especially if you're someone in extra need for motivation to work out.

This way, you can't say nounless you want to endure the penalty of 50 pushups. Circuit training is a fast-paced conditioning workout that incorporates resistance exercises with high-intensity aerobics done in a rapid, fluid movement. Once one circuit is done, you fun workouts to lose weight with the next circuit. Increase muscle and improve cardio-respiratory through this demanding workout.

One of the best workouts to get toned arms is rowing. The rigorous paddle movement against the resistance of the water strengthens arms and burns calories. Don't live near a body of water? A rowing machine simulates the same movement and gives you an equally challenging workout inside.

Yes, you read that correctly. Now are you up for that riding lesson? Workout 1: 10 minutes.

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